Adorable - "The Band You Love To Hate"

It was 1993 and Adorable were off across the Atlantic. We were excited to arrive in the US where we thought we could start anew, and esacpe from the 'arrogant' tag we had picked up in the English press, with an audience who didn't know who we were, and who only knew us through 'Sunshine Smile' which was getting lots of college radio airplay. However, our American label SBK decided to market us as 'The Band You Love To Hate'. We were mortified.

We would arrive at venues to find that over-keen college students working for the label had stuck up 100's of posters around the venue with this slogan on. The first half an hour would be spent tearing them down. Each night we died a little more inside. Bemused radio DJs would ask us in interview after interview -

"So - you seem like nice guys - why exactly are we supposed to hate you?"

"Um -  our record company thinks it would be a good idea if you hated us."

It wasn't exactly a joined-up campaign.

We asked the label to stop on the first night in Boston, but by the time we reached San Francisco 5 weeks later we were still being asked the same question and still pulling down the posters every night.  It was like arriving at a new town every day, eager to make new friends only to be confronted with a large sign saying "You are a c**t" everynight.

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