Monday, 7 October 2013


 I am giving a talk on Wednesday October 9th in Petworth, Surrey for the Petworth Society entitled "Things I Have Found In Books". 

Here is the official spiel:

By night Pete Fijalkowski is a singer-songwriter (formerly on the iconic Creation records label), by day he sells second-hand books. In 'Things I Have Found In Books' , first aired at the Latiutude Festival in 2012, he talks about some of the forgotten objects that he has discovered amongst the pages of the paperbacks that he sells by the broken down West Pier on Brighton seafront - lost photos, bizarre shopping lists and letters. Using slides, he guides us through the sometimes funny, and sometimes poignant flotsam & jetsam of these forgotten artifacts. 

In the second part of his talk "From Petworth to Baden-Baden" Pete tells how he set himself the task of selling seemingly unsaleable books culled at the end of Petworth Society's monthly booksales. Will he ever sell a 1986 book entitled 'Setting Up Your Own Mail Order Business', a 1971 hardback of "Better steeple chasing  for jockey's", a spotters guide to birds of New Zealand,  and is there anyone who wants to buy a 1974 guide book to the small German town of  Baden Baden? He tells of the people who bought some of these orphaned books that most had given up hope of ever finding a home for - and of the some of the intriguing & surprsing stories of why people decided to give these seeming lost causes a loving home.

It starts at 7.30pm at Leconfield Hall, Market Square, Petworth. tickets are erm...not sure - about £4 or £5 ish on the door.

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