Tuesday, 22 October 2013


My name is Pete Fij. Welcome to my world.

You might know me as  the lead singer of Adorable or Polak, maybe through my ongoing project with Terry Bickers, or perhaps my recent collaboration with Tiger Stripes. This isn't planned as a standard music artist website, although I'm sure that this will have more than it's fair share of musical aspects, but it's more of a meandering through my thoughts - a journey through my nervous system.

Not quite sure where it will go - it will probably be like a part-work magazine that comes out in instalments, and grows week-by-week into either a fascinating insight into a particular topic, or more often than not , an untidy pile of magazines in the corner of your room that you end up putting in a box and forgetting about for a few years, until one day you finally snap and take it to a car boot sale to sell. Of course it's only then that you realise that no-one else wants it either, so it remains unsold and ultimately the box ends it's days at the local rubbish tip - recycled so that they can make some more part-work magazines that no-one else really needs.

Hope this untidy pile gives you an insight into a little bit about me and some of my work. Don't be a stranger - pop on back as this will be an evolving, living thing. Enjoy your trip around my nervous system, though please be careful where you  probe, and if it all gets a bit too much, just head for the nearest orifice, and get the hell out.

The posts will be sporadic, but I aim to have something posted at least once a month.

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